The Ancient Stone Circle

I’ve been called back to the ancient stone circle.

About an hour away from where I live, there is a fairly well-preserved stone circle on top of a mountain, that is thought be have been used as an observatory, around 400 AD. Lately, I’ve had the desire to get outdoors where the noise is from birds chirping and the clock is the brightness and position of the sun. Its a desire to get away from the noise of the busyness of life. I would love to go hiking on Ft. Mountain and traverse up to the ancient stone circle to see if I could feel the energies of the people who worked together to built it and their feeling of wanting to be ONE.


My family heritage is mostly English and Irish, but my paternal great-grandmother is Cherokee Indian. After reading articles in the past few years about memory encoded in DNA, I can’t help but wonder if my fascination with this place has to do with some memory in my genetic code, for this particular circle is a part of Cherokee legend.

great grandmother

And just to say a bit more about memory in DNA; I am having the most extraordinary experience that involves memory of past lives and connection through the ether with someone who I am beautifully intertwined with now, and have been for a long time. I know all of my posts will include this somehow, because honestly it’s not just connected to everything, it IS everything.

I believe people are in desperate need to find their way “home”. Our world is so backwards. You can just pick any topic that effects the daily lives of people and their families and you become overwhelmed instantly. Affordable, non-GMO foods, healthcare, education,….things that seem like everyday normal things are part of an evil system to make your life hard and unprosperous. The good news is that this system can be undone.

The first step is to have a longing to return to ONE.



The evil system I was referring to had some major players in performing a ritual with some heavy symbolism last week. See, their game is to hypnotize, use hidden knowledge and appeal to your ego and material desires, to control your mind and then, control the flow of energy.

This week Kate Middleton and company were in New Zealand and Australia for an official tour. From The Guardian:

As is usual on such tours, there will be tree plantings, wreath layings and official receptions, with William giving several short speeches. The couple will pay tribute to armed forces personnel in both countries, and take part in Anzac commemorations in Canberra, which mark the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in the Gallipoli campaign during the first world war and in other conflicts since.

On Thursday, the MSM wanted us to know about the importance of the symbolism of her bespoke dress by Jenny Packham embellished with a silver fern.


From Yahoo Shine:

According to a legend of the Maoris, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the fern’s silver back would glow in the dark, helping hunters and warriors find their way home at night. And the black color of Kate’s dress has meaning too – New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, won the World Cup in 2011. (Her husband, Prince William, briefly spoke in Maori at the event as well, and the couple was greeted with traditional Maori dancers shortly after arriving in the country.)

I wouldn’t follow her home.

Something about royals mingling with indigenous people makes me nervous.  “Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip have been directly accused of being present at such a school when 10 kids went missing…


My recent experience that I was talking about earlier has confirmed that it is possible to remember past lives and connect with souls that you know through the ether, and I think the earth’s magnetism has something to do with it, too.

me little girl2

Here I am, sitting on my ‘blue plate’ time machine. I’ve got a red cat on my dress. I love cats 🙂

Follow your heart to find the way home.











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